Freelance and Fiverr Widen Workers’ Freedom

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Freelancer: You are at the forefront of modern job design.

The designer’s job is here. Your “job” can now be customized as a finely tailored garment, and you are the tailor. To take advantage of this, you need an independent mind and self-awareness to determine what you really want to do with your life. For some, this may be harder than they expect because neither school nor work have asked us, “What do you want to do?” Both bosses and employees often can’t do what they want. Ask them.

Freelancing is a way to discover your work in the world and therefore yourself. Recognizing that finding the right job or life is difficult and important, the Buddha advises, “Your job is to discover your job and then put your heart and soul into it.” The challenge for freelancers is to discover what they can do with their heart and soul Work. Half-hearted jobs are worse than second-rate jobs; they diminish our lives.

With online resources, such as Fiverr, anyone can create their favorite or even their ideal service from scratch and test it risk-free. The making of work has never been so adapted to the wishes of the individual worker. In an online microservices marketplace like Fiverr, everyone designs their work completely: their service, their policies, and their style. Freelancers are free to create whatever their heart desires, as long as it builds a following.

Traditionally, work shapes workers.

The employee training process used to start with selecting flexible prospects. It continues through mentoring and ‘vocational training’. Finally, when the rules are enforced, the work itself reshapes the worker with the help of discipline. If a job requires your presence while the proper care and education of your children also “requires” your presence, the job will take precedence or the employer will be more careful in selecting and training your replacement.

In the so-called “good old days”, your preference is your problem. Not even a single action counts as a “favor” if the boss even hears what you might prefer, or how you think things should be done. After all, you’ve been listened to, haven’t you? If you don’t want the job, you can leave. The fact that employees’ concerns are generally ignored is often ignored.

Does the task need to reconfigure workers?

Throughout history, the worker’s back has illustrated how work has shaped the worker. Often the job has shaped the employee incorrectly. The “freelance” in “freelance” means you don’t have to reshape, suppress, or disguise your true self to meet the expectations of strangers. As automation increases and robots take on boring jobs, the importance of one’s deepest interests and intrinsic motivation will only increase.

As an independent operator, freelancers are free to shape the work that shapes their lives. This process requires self-discovery, followed by learning and working to properly engage, engage and empower that particular individual. We create social systems that later recreate us in their image as we live in them. The new work model is nourishing in itself and will lead to more fulfilling lives for many.

One of the brightest teachers I’ve ever met, Joseph Campbell, urges everyone to discover their natural passion and “follow their luck.” According to Campbell, it’s important to find something you enjoy doing. He stressed the need for meaningful work and warned, “I think people who work for a living — that is, for money — have enslaved themselves.” Do a Job You Don’t Like Your job may fill you up, but it’s closer to survival than prosperity. An unsuitable job will not satisfy your hopes and dreams. It doesn’t challenge you, discover your talents or realize your potential.

The modern freelancer is the studio of labor innovation.

Entrepreneurs and freelancers are rethinking the form that work can take. Watch for the growth of diversified and personalized services (on sites like Fiverr) that meet the needs of both sides of the transaction. Freelancers break free from the boss-to-employee model of power hierarchies and can connect on an equal footing. They are no longer addicted to subsistence work.

There is a growing wave of personalized experimentation in new and better ways of working. This kind of experimentation helps to shape new attitudes towards work and various personal service models. When we design work that motivates our employees and provides work that they can do with care, we improve everyone’s lives because the work is what they care about.

Anyone can join the movement and discover new ways of working. Concepts like purpose, hope, and work can accelerate personal growth and increase life satisfaction. Surprisingly, people often find more satisfaction in meaningful work than in seeking “escape” or pleasure. If you do the right job, I agree with playwright Noel Coward, “Work is more fun than fun.

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