How To Be A Freelancer

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Have you had enough of the daily grind? Want to be in charge of your time more? Want to spend more time with your kids and maybe take more trips or take up a hobby? Then you might want to try freelancing. Around the world, the number of freelancers is on the rise. Here’s how to join them!

What a Freelancer Does


“Independent contractors” is another name for people who work on their own. They are professionals who work for multiple clients instead of just one company or person, and they often work on their own. Some people say that the word “freelance” comes from the Middle Ages, when powerful lords hired mercenary soldiers with “free lances” to fight.


Even though there isn’t any real fighting going on these days, the need for freelance professionals is still growing. Employers are becoming more aware of the benefits of hiring freelancers because it saves them money on training, overhead, and benefits. Some companies even have a “freelancer manager!”


Advantages Of Freelancing


Of course, freelancing is also good for YOU in many ways. The most obvious benefit is that you can plan your time better. You decide how much to charge, how many hours to work, what projects to take on, and who to work with.


There are, of course, some downsides. For example, if you decide to quit your day job and work as a freelancer full-time, you lose any benefits you had with your old job. In other words, there IS a risk, but once you find the right balance, you’ll be on your way to a more satisfying way of life.


How to Work on Your Own


The first thing you need to do to get started as a freelancer is to decide what service you want to offer. Do you see a need in the world that you’d like to meet? Do you have a skill that could be helpful? Do you have a hobby that you’d like to use to start your own freelance business?


Choosing which service to offer is likely to be the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Answer these two questions to make things easier:


What do you do well?

What do you like doing?

All done! Write down your answers to these two questions. If you find things that you’re good at and like doing, you’re on the right track!


Once you know what you want to offer, it’s time to sell yourself. Make a plan for marketing! Reach out to businesses and people who might need your help. Give them your business card, a flyer about your services, a list of your fees, and other marketing materials. Help your potential customers find you.


How to Start Out


Now, here’s some very important advice: DON’T quit your regular job! You might want to quit your job to start working as a freelancer. Here’s a better idea: keep your regular job and start doing freelance work on the side, maybe a couple of hours a day. So, you can learn the ropes without having to worry about going hungry.


You shouldn’t quit your regular job until your hourly income from freelancing is higher than your salary (paid AND benefits combined). By then, you will have been freelancing for a while and be enjoying the benefits.


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