How To Handle Rejections As A Freelance Writer

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If you want to become a freelance writer, you should get a lot of letters telling you “no”. Even if you get a rejection letter, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer. Magazines and websites receive hundreds or even thousands of requests and ideas for articles. They can’t accept every good idea, so many good writers get a rejection letter.

Here are some ways to deal with rejection and improve your writing skills.

1. Change the item a little

Before you get mad at an editor for rejecting your article, take an honest look at it for misspelled words, strange sentence structures, or incomplete ideas. Many writers have great ideas that can be turned into great articles. On the other hand, some writers find it difficult to write what they want to say. Check out the article and change some sentences. It would be helpful to let others read the article and make suggestions.

2. Write to another publication

Many writers send their work to large or well-known magazines because they pay more. But there are not many opportunities for these publications to accept articles. If you want to start writing for a magazine, you should start with a small publication or magazine near you. These markets don’t receive as many inquiries, so the odds are better.

3. Do not send complete manuscripts

Some magazines like to see finished manuscripts. If you can choose between sending an application letter or a manuscript, send the article idea first. The application letter should contain a two-paragraph summary of the proposed topic, its qualifications, resources, and other content. Explain why the magazine should publish your article. Include a writing sample that shows you can get the job done.

4. Keep writing

Some people who wanted to write gave up after three or four rejection letters. This is the worst thing you can do. It doesn’t matter how many magazine articles you write or how many clients you have, you’re likely to get rejected if you work as a freelance writer.

Being a Successful Freelance Writer

A writer is only as good or bad as what he or she writes. As a freelance writer, you get paid to attract readers, make them happy, and even get them to express what you write. Badly written, full of errors or just plain boring articles, freelancers are not going to get anywhere, especially when it comes to getting paid. Think of some important tips to improve your writing and your self-esteem.

do research, research, research

If a writer doesn’t do research before writing, she’s no good. Be sure to research any topic, even if you’ve written about it before. This goes for websites, articles, tips and even blogs. Even if you know a lot about a topic, don’t write an article you haven’t researched recently. Even experts need evidence to back up what they say. Start reading new editions of style books and writing guides to keep your library up to date. This will help you improve your overall writing quality. The higher your pay scale, the more education you have. Writing is like a canoe trip: you can row to the finish, or just sit and float.

get and use feedback

Request feedback after completing each paper, article, or content. Ask what you can do to improve your quality, your voice and everything else. When freelancers do this, employers not only love it, but most will hire you again. This also gives you an edge in the job market because you know what employers want and are already working on your weaknesses. If an employer tells you that your introduction is boring, read How to write an interesting introduction.

usage rules

People who write as students are not respected as writers. Write each article as if you know the topic well. Do something, be responsible and show that you know what you’re talking about, even if you have to look up the article to get it.

Introduced by Intros

If the beginning is boring, most of the rest of the article will not be read. After all, the introduction enables the reader to quickly scan the rest of the article. So the beginning should grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read more.

have an up-to-date resume

Any job you do should be added to your writer’s resume right away. Even if you’ve only written one article for one company, you should still include it on your resume. A writer’s resume is a very important tool, especially when you start applying for more prestigious writing jobs. So update, update, update.

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