So You Want To Be A Freelancer

So You Want To Be A Freelancer? Here’s How!

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Long ago, freelancers worked primarily in metropolitan areas, where writers, artists, and other creative types of work were plentiful and readily available. Today, however, the freelance landscape has changed dramatically.

On the one hand, you can live almost anywhere in the world and still maintain a successful freelance career. Not to mention that the creative field is no longer the only field where freelancers are popular.

Today, accountants, trainers, computer technicians, etc. can earn a living as a freelancer. No matter what field of freelancing you’re interested in, there are a few key things you need to know to get started and succeed.

Before we get into that though, let’s talk briefly about the pros and cons of being a freelancer. You need to know both parties before making a decision so that you really understand what you are doing.

Want To Be A Freelancer

1. You determine your own schedule

As a freelancer, you decide when you get up and when you go to bed at night. You can decide how much vacation you can afford this year, and you can choose to skip an afternoon of work to spend time with your kids.

2. You don’t work for your boss

Even though you are accountable to your customers, they don’t have the same power over your life as your boss. Yes, they can fire you, but you can also stop working for them if it gets too difficult.

3. You decide how much money you earn

While traditional jobs pay a certain amount no matter how hard you work (and in some cases how long), freelancing allows you to make almost any money because you decide what the service costs are and how many jobs you take on at the same time.

4. You can work from your own office

Whether you prefer to work from a home office or rent a space somewhere to run your business, you are responsible for designing and maintaining your own comfortable office. You can choose who you work with. You can also choose the type of computer, post-it notes, and bottled water that you use every day.

Disadvantages freelance

1. You get overworked very quickly

When you are steadily working as a freelancer, it is almost impossible to actually go on vacation. You have projects and clients that need your constant attention, so even a day off or sick can leave you behind on schedule.

2. You deal with tougher customers than your boss

Most clients who work with freelancers are very nice people, but there are others who are not. Even if they take steps to protect themselves, every freelancer has probably been scammed by a client at some point.

3. You don’t have a fixed income

Unless you have a really stable workflow or two, your income can fluctuate wildly. Some months you might feel like you’ve won the lottery, while other months you might think you’re headed for food stamps, especially if you’re just starting out.

4. You can’t separate work from private life

If you have a home office, you may find it difficult to distinguish between home and work, meaning that when you watch TV or dine, you may feel like you are still working.

As you can see, every positive aspect also has a negative aspect. However, many of these negatives can be easily addressed once you have some freelance experience, but to get there you need to know how to get started.

Find something you like to do

This is critical to your success. If you don’t already have something you want to do as a freelancer, make sure you pick an activity that you really enjoy. Remember that you do this kind of work every day. And the more you enjoy your work, the more passionate you are. Potential customers will find this enthusiasm and will be more willing to work with you.

Save some money

Most freelancers actually start out as traditional 9-to-5 workers. In fact, many of them have full-time jobs for a steady income, health insurance, or other benefits in addition to freelancing. However, if you choose to freelance full-time, make sure you have a comfortable reserve in the bank. Most experts agree that you should have enough savings to cover basic needs for six months. If that sounds impossible, try combining some freelance work with your regular job. Save the money you earn from freelancing as your reserves.

Start finding customers now

A common mistake freelancers make is thinking that they can’t start networking and marketing their services until they start working. The truth is, if you’re thinking about becoming a freelancer, now’s the time to start networking

n and marketing. Let people know you’re thinking about going it alone and get their response. Start building a database of potential job openings. In fact, you may want to arrange some work ahead of time so that you can be sure of an income initially.

be ready

Most potential clients will want to see references and/or samples of your work before offering you a project. You must prepare these in advance. Don’t wait for someone to call you with a project to organize your portfolio or list some qualified references. When you hang up the phone or end your email, get ready to send it.

find an accountant

Probably the hardest part of freelancing is dealing with the financial aspects: keeping track of bills, keeping accounts, calculating your annual taxes, etc. Unless you’re already proficient in bookkeeping, you’ll need to find someone to get you started. help out. It makes life easier for you and your accountant.

launch website

Get the most out of the internet. Create a professional-looking yet simple website, advertise your experience and services, and put it on the web. This is one of the best ways to attract new customers.

These tips will help you start your freelance career the right way, but the most important key to your success is your perseverance. If you give up easily or don’t persevere, you may never really become a freelancer. You must be able to accept rejection. You have to be motivated and persevere. Only then can you experience all the benefits of a modern freelancer for yourself.

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